Robert goes on the run after being admitted to hospital. Elly’s waters break at the worst moment, but Finn provides support. Kyle is devastated when he and Amy break up, but her mind is on her son. As a new year dawns, relations between Pierce and Hendrix are tense, Harlow and Paul clash over Robert, and Toadie nurses poignant memories of Sonya.

Monday 23rd December Paul regrets striking a deal with Robert, and ponders what to do after the operation. Amy is distraught about Jimmy and rejects Kyle’s attempts to comfort her. Yashvi and Ned share a moment.

Tuesday 24th December Family and friends endure an anxious wait as David prepares for his kidney transplant, but chaos breaks out in the hospital. Amy deter-mines to uncover whatever Jimmy is hiding.

Wednesday 25th December Robert has escaped and is on the run. Toadie and Chloe consider cancelling the Christ-mas concert. Roxy has a decision to make. Elly’s waters break at the worst moment.

Thursday 26th December Harlow runs a big risk, as she takes it upon herself to find her father before it is too late for David. After her traumatic experience, Elly finds herself drawn closer to Finn.

Friday 27th December There is tension in the air between Elly and Finn. Relations between Pierce and Hendrix remain strained. Amy is forced to make the hardest decision of her life.

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