Neighbours spoilers: 16th — 20th December 2019

Claudia betrays Finn’s trust and continues to interfere, despite being told to leave town. Hendrix continues to rebuff Chloe. Toadie and Chloe try to work together, with limited success. Kyle tries to get back on track with Amy, but she has other things on her mind. A possible kidney donor for David is found, but it comes with potential danger.

Monday 16th December As concern for David’s life increases, Aaron seeks hope in a tarot reading from Dipi, while Harlow and Roxy seek another potential donor in David’s psychopathic half-brother Robert. Claudia confronts Finn about his true feelings, and learns where he stands with Bea and Elly

Tuesday 17th December Claudia continues her machinations as she contrives to spend an afternoon with Elly. Pierce invites Hendrix on another outing, but when Chloe joins them for lunch, Hendrix makes his disapproval clear by leaving. Terese and Toadie discover that they are planning similar events for both Lassiter’s and the Foundation, so they agree to work together.

Wednesday 18th December Finn is furious with Claudia for betraying his trust, and demands she leave Erinsborough immediately. She agrees to go, but cannot resist meddling in his life once more before she departs. Chloe has a Christmas concert to plan, but meets with opposition from Toadie while Pierce is occupied elsewhere.

Thursday 19th December Finn promises to spend more time with Bea, who is feeling insecure about his relationship with Elly. Amy and Kyle are making efforts to get back on track, but Kyle is keeping secrets and his plan is in danger of falling apart. Yashvi wants to get back with Ned, and seeks Toadie’s help, but things go badly wrong.

Friday 20th December Amy is angry with Kyle and Leo for keeping her in the dark about her son Jimmy’s teen-age problems. Harlow hears that Robert’s test results are positive and persuades Paul and Terese to visit him in prison. Robert is prepared to be David’s donor, but he exacts a high price for his co-operation.

Neighbours airs on Channel 5 weekdays.

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