Neighbours spoilers: 9th — 13th December 2019

Pierce and Chloe’s wedding day does not go as planned, and Pierce has a secret to reveal. Finn’s loyalties are tested when he learns the reason why his mother is back in town. Amy has a big surprise for Kyle. As the search for a potential kidney donor for David continues, Leo returns to Erinsborough, but what is he hiding? Ned and Yashvi are in danger.

Monday 9th December It is Pierce and Chloe’s wedding day—and everything is going wrong. Hendrix has run off, and Chloe is getting cold feet. As Pierce searches for his son, Elly tries to reassure Chloe. As the guests start to arrive, there is no sign of the groom and Chloe’s misgivings begin to resurface.

Tuesday 10th December Hendrix tells the newlyweds that he does not want to live with them any more. Pierce drops another bombshell, telling Chloe why he has been absent for so much of Hendrix’s life. Finn jumps at the chance of renewing his relationship with Claudia—until he catches her in a lie.

Wednesday 11th December Leo returns to see if his kidney is a match for David, but what is he not telling Amy about Jimmy? Finn’s loyalties are also tested when Claudia asks him to alert her should Elly prove to be a bad parent. Kyle gives David and Aaron a large part of his payoff money. Amy’s period is late.

Thursday 12th December David’s hopes are dashed when Leo is proven to not be a viable donor. Leo receives calls from Liam, urging him to discourage Amy from contacting Jimmy. Kyle is thrilled that Amy may be pregnant, but she is somewhat less enthusiastic. Ned and Yashvi find a threatening message on the History Wall.

Friday 13th December Yashvi’s drink is spiked with broken glass. Paul and Leo bond over their mutual concern for David. Roxy hides the results after Harlow pushes her to test for a kidney match. Kyle’s suggestion that Jimmy might change Amy’s mind about motherhood forces Leo to reveal exactly what he has been hiding.

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