Neighbours spoilers: 2nd — 6th December 2019

Ned returns to the fight club and an extra-ordinary confrontation. David’s life hangs in the balance—unless a donor can be found. Hendrix makes a confession, and Chloe is appalled. As Finn and Elly become closer, both his mother and Dean return to cause trouble. Shane is determined to put a stop to Dipi’s friendship with Gary. Pierce and Chloe celebrate their last night of freedom.

Monday 2nd December 2019 David’s remaining kidney is failing and he desperately needs a donor, but Harlow is too young and Terese’s alcoholism rules her out. Angry at David’s plight, Paul demands that Kyle drop his legal action, but Amy persuades him to think again. Ned returns to the fight club, where a huge surprise awaits him.

Tuesday 3rd December 2019 Shaken to find Bea in the ring, Ned pulls out of the fight. He tells Yashvi he has learned his lesson—but will Kane let him go? To pay off the court action, Paul sells a block of Lassiter’s shares to Pierce. Hendrix stands in as work commitments force Pierce to miss his wedding rehearsal, but a bold move goes too far.

Wednesday 4th December 2019 Ned responds to a threat to his family by returning to the fight club. Yashvi is one step ahead of him and calls a halt to proceedings, making enemies in the process. Chloe is appalled when Hendrix declares his love for her. Susan is worried by Finn and Elly’s growing closeness.

Thursday 5th December 2019 Dipi and Gary are getting too friendly for Shane, but how far will he go to put a stop to it? Kyle remains distraught about causing David’s accident. Susan confronts Finn about his relationship with Elly, and suggests that he let go of the past by destroying the old photo album. Someone is stalking Elly as she walks home from Lassiter’s.

Friday 6th December 2019 Finn confronts Elly’s stalker. He says he wants to apologise for trouble at school, but is he on the level? The unexpected arrival of Finn’s mother Claudia could spell more trouble. Hendrix turns up to his father’s stag party and makes a rash decision. Over at the hen party, is Chloe getting cold feet?

Neighbours airs on Channel 5 weekdays.

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