Neighbours spoilers: 25th — 29th November 2019

Ned promises to quit the fight club, but it may prove difficult. Terese is forced to admit she has started drinking again. Prue gets what she wants, but her real agenda becomes apparent. Amy is caught in a feud between her father and her boyfriend. David has a life-threatening road accident—but who was responsible? Kyle makes a terrible discovery.

Monday 25th November 2019 Ned emerges from the red mist of the fight club, shocked at his own behaviour. Aaron agrees not to tell anyone, but in return insists that Ned promise never to go back to the club. As Harlow contemplates returning to London with Prue, Terese enjoys a drink at home, not realising someone is watching.

Tuesday 26th November 2019 Prue uses her knowledge of Terese’s drinking to blackmail her into agreeing to let her take Harlow back to England. Paul and Terese are upset when Harlow agrees. Kyle is furious to learn that Paul has attempted to bribe Toadie to abandon the class action, which leaves Amy caught up in an escalating conflict.

Wednesday 27th November 2019 Gary and Amy realise that Prue intends to recruit Harlow into her cult. Can they get to the airport in time to stop Harlow boarding the plane? Prue’s deception guilt-trips Aaron into disclosing Ned’s secret. Upset, David takes a late-night bike ride and is hit by a car. Kyle fails to turn up for a date with Amy.

Thursday 28th November 2019 David is rushed to hospital in critical condition. Terese admits to Paul that she found David on her way to the off-license, causing Paul to fear she was drink-driving. Kyle steps down from the class action to support Amy. Later, they find a headlight on his car is broken, due to him nodding off at the wheel last night.

Friday 29th November 2019 Terese asks for Susan’s help, leaving Paul free to stay by David. David regains conscious-ness, to terrible news. Kyle turns himself in when a paint chip from his car matches one on David’s bike. Unhappy with her husband’s support of Kirsha and Paul, Dipi rekindles her friendship with an empathetic Gary.

Neighbours airs on Channel 5 weekdays.

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