Neighbours spoilers: 18th — 22nd November 2019

Finn tries to help Elly, but a reminder of his past is painful. Gary discovers Prue’s intentions— but will he keep her secret? Battle lines are drawn as Kyle’s class action becomes public knowledge. Hendrix finds an unlikely ally in his efforts to split up Pierce and Chloe. As Kirsha leaves for Sydney, Dipi is in no mood to forgive. Aaron is forced to intervene when he discovers what Ned has got himself into.

Monday 18th November 2019 Elly has been fired and is at a loss over what to do next. Feeling guilty, Finn offers her financial support and encouragement. Ned has a new focus in life, but has an awkward confrontation with Yashvi at work. Gary asks Prue out on another date, but is torn when he catches her stealing from the till at the Tram.

Tuesday 19th November 2019 Prue explains to Gary that she needed the money to pay the Restoration Order. Gary agrees to keep her secret, but demands to know about this organisation. Finn helps Elly make space for the baby, but has a bad moment with an old photo album. Amy is concerned that she and Kyle may be drifting apart.

Wednesday 20th November 2019 News of Kyle’s class action against the hotel has broken, and the entire community is divided. Gary begins to take an interest in the Restoration Order, and Prue is happy to see him as a potential recruit. She also plants a few seeds towards achieving her goal of taking Harlow back to London with her.

Thursday 21st November 2019 After Finn sees Ned acting suspiciously at the gym, he fears that he must have reverted to his bad old ways. Bea tries to talk to Ned, but he shuts her down and vanishes. Hendrix remains determined to sabotage Pierce and Chloe’s wedding plans, and finds an unlikely ally in Roxy.

Friday 22nd November 2019 Aaron follows Ned to a secret location and watches as he loses all self-control during a fight. He is forced to intervene, pulling Ned off his opponent. Hendrix takes Roxy’s advice and modifies his game plan. After Kirsha leaves for Sydney, Dipi vents her anger on Shane and Toadie for encouraging her to go.

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