Anna Passey and Kelle Bryan reveal what is in store for Sienna and Martine this Christmas in Hollyoaks

What’s in store this Christmas?

Anna: “As always, Christmas is a bit of a turbulent time for Sienna, and this year is no different. I don’t think it would be Christmas if Sienna didn’t have something happening. It’s a busy time, and she’s running around, trying to organise her perfect Christmas, and things don’t quite go to plan as usual.”

Kelle: “Christmas is a big one for the Deveraux family. Lots of revelations and juicy stuff will come out this year. The Deveraux Christmas church day will be amazing, daddy [Walter] takes to the pulpit and does what he does best. It’s really nice to see him in the driving seat and doing his thing in the Christmas setting.”

This Christmas, we learn more about Martine’s missing child, can you tell us a little bit more?

Kelle: “Martine has lived with regret ever since she made the decision to give up a child. She never felt like she was in control of that decision either, she felt that control was taken away from her. She was young and vulnerable. She’s always regretted that, she didn’t have that strength and determination to stand up for herself and her children at the time. This Christmas, we find out a lot more information about the back story of her missing child.”

Why does Sienna give Maxine a second chance on Christmas day?

Anna: “Sienna is really happy – she’s got her sister, she’s got her lovely boyfriend, and they’re having a baby successfully through the surrogacy process… or so she thinks. For once, Sienna has got everything she wants at Christmas. I think she’s so full of joy and love that she feels guilty about leaving Maxine and Minnie out. Minnie is her sister, and she doesn’t want them to not have anyone at Christmas. Sienna knows what that feels like, so she is tempted to reach out to them, and then she goes to see Walter give a sermon at Church.

It’s all about family and forgiveness and being there for people. She thinks, well Minnie is my family, Maxine doesn’t have anyone, and we’re as good as family, so if you can’t forgive people at Christmas, when can you? She invites Maxine and Minnie round for Christmas dinner and it’s lovely.”

Hollyoaks’ hour-long special episode will first air on E4 at 7pm on Friday 20th December

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