Bancroft spoilers: Series 2 Episode One

Promoted to Detective Chief Superintendent, Elizabeth Bancroft (Sarah Parish) returns on a professional high. However, it appears success has come at a high price as she’s now estranged from her beloved son Joe (Adam Long) and facing increasing pressure from her dangerous pact with crime boss, Daanish Kamara (Ryan McKen).

When a chilling double murder brings an unexpected personal reunion, Elizabeth’s true loyalties are questioned.

Forced onto the side lines by the new Detective Superintendent, Jake Harper (David Avery), Elizabeth must turn to her old skills in order to get her way. Despite warnings to stay away from the murder investigation, the main suspects disappearance pulls Elizabeth further into the case. With a dangerous new enemy emerging for Bancroft, old foes sense a weakness and opportunity to take their revenge.


  • Lee Parkes Is Played By Paul Adeyefa
  • Sally Reed Is Played By Yemisi Oyinloye
  • Harry Walker Is Played By Graham Butler
  • Michael Connors Is Played By Paul Bown
  • Mrs. Naila Kamara Is Played By Shameem Ahmad
  • DCS Elizabeth Bancroft Is Played By Sarah Parish
  • Superintendent Cliff Walker Is Played By Adrian Edmondson
  • Joe Bancroft Is Played By Adam Long
  • Carol Bancroft Is Played By Francesca Annis
  • Detective Superintendent Jake Harper Is Played By David Avery
  • Detective Sergeant Andy Bevan Is Played By Charles Babalola
  • Chief Constable Frances Holland Is Played By Jacqueline Boatswain
  • Detective Inspector George Morris Is Played By Lee Boardman
  • Martin Mullen Is Played By Dominic Doughty
  • Detective Sergeant Richard Potter Is Played By James Quinn
  • Adam Mullen Is Played By Tom Wells
  • Annabel Connors Is Played By Charlotte Hope
  • Daanish Kamara Is Played By Ryan Mcken
  • Pathologist Is Played By Arinder Sadhra
  • Uniform Officer Is Played By Thea Beyleveld

Bancroft Series 2 begins on ITV, January 1st 2020.

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