With the evidence around the connors’ murders building, Harper (David Avery) and the team are met with conflicting accounts. Taunted by one of the suspects and the trouble around the Kamara deal heating up, Elizabeth (Sarah Parish) is forced to choose between her professional and personal loyalties. Deserted by her allies, Elizabeth enters a dangerous game of cat and mouse.


  • Lee Parkes Is Played By Paul Adeyefa
  • Sally Reed Is Played By Yemisi Oyinloye
  • Harry Walker Is Played By Graham Butler
  • DCS Elizabeth Bancroft Is Played By Sarah Parish
  • Detective Sergeant Richard Potter Is Played By James Quinn
  • Adam Mullen Is Played By Tom Wells
  • Carol Bancroft Is Played By Francesca Annis
  • Detective Superintendent Jake Harper Is Played By David Avery
  • Detective Sergeant Andy Bevan Is Played By Charles Babalola
  • Daanish Kamara Is Played By Ryan Mcken
  • Mrs. Naila Kamara Is Played By Shameem Ahmad
  • Chief Constable Frances Holland Is Played By Jacqueline Boatswain
  • Detective Inspector George Morris Is Played By Lee Boardman
  • Superintendent Cliff Walker Is Played By Adrian Edmondson
  • Harry Walker Is Played By Graham Butler
  • Joe Bancroft Is Played By Adam Long
  • Annabel Connors Is Played By Charlotte Hope
  • Daanish Kamara Is Played By Ryan Mcken
  • Head Teacher Is Played By Deborah Moore

Bancroft continues on ITV, January, 2nd 2020 at 9.00pm.