Neighbours spoilers: 6th-10th January 2020


I am back to writing on here, and I have missed sharing articles…

Having recently got back into Neighbours, I am very lucky that I have been given the opportunity to write about Next Week Neighbours’ episodes as I am very excited for them.

On Monday 6th January, viewers will see Paul Robinson learning that David and Harlow intend to visit Robert in prison. Despite his misgivings, Terese gives him food for thought.

Susan Kennedy is also shocked when she discovers that Elly Conway and Finn Kelly have feeling for each other leading to Elly deciding to act before Bea Nillson gets hurt, but will Elly reveal all?

On Tuesday 7th January, viewers will see Elly deciding to move into Number 32 despite Karl Kennedy and Bea.

Hendrix Greyson accidently gets his hands on Karl and Susan Kennedy’s infamous ‘blue box’.

Chloe Breenan is seen to be relishing up her role as general manager, but is quick to come under scrutiny.

On Wednesday 8th January, viewers will see Pierce tells Chloe that Lucy Robinson wants her fired which leads to her needing to impress Anita, the consultant hired by Lucy to keep an eye on her, Chloe turns to Terese for help despite all the risks.

Exhausted from her daughter Aster’s constant crying and keeping her up all night long, Elly longs to make a call to Finn, but will she?

On Thursday 9th January, viewers will see Dipi fret that Roxy Willis is leading Shane Rebecchi astray.

Chloe then overhears Pierce Greyson admitting that the only reason she has managed to keep her job is because she is his wife, will Chloe confront her man about this?

Toadie Rebecchi asks Kyle Canning to lead the Buddy Club’s mentoring programme.

Yashvi Rebecchi and Ned Willis spend some creative time together causing her mum, Dipi some alarm.

On Friday 10th January, viewers will see Chloe confronting her ma over his statement about her job where he comes up with an idea of sending her off on an intensive management training course, but runs into formidable opposition from Paul Robinson.

Kylie Canning is still unsure of his ability to take up Toadie Rebecchi’s offer, but is quick to begin to gain confidence after they try a few tests!

Neighbours airs weekdays on Channel 5.

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