Pobol y Cwm spoilers: 6th – 9th January 2020


Tyler starts losing it when he can’t get hold of Iolo and Greta as he insists he has the right to know of the whereabouts of his daughter. Dai cheers up when Diane agrees to leave the house for the first time since New Year’s Eve.

Kelly plucks up the courage to talk to Jason, but a misunderstanding makes the situation even more awkward. Gaynor makes Ffion an offer she can’t refuse.

The Parris’ friends and family get together to redecorate Number 10 as Sara receives good news from Kelly. Jim realises that Sioned knows about his dementia.

Colin and Mark go to the forest to look for firewood, but Colin worries that something else is on Mark’s mind. Angharad turns up at Gaynor’s door in a terrible state.


Dechreua Tyler golli arni pan na all gael gafael ar Iolo a Greta gan fynnu fod ganddo’r hawl i wybod lle mae ei ferch. Mae Dai yn llonni wrth i Diane gytuno i adael y tŷ am y tro cyntaf ers y Flwyddyn Newydd.

Maga Kelly’r hyder i gael sgwrs gyda Jason, ond mae camddealltwriaeth yn gwneud y sefyllfa’n fwy lletchwith fyth. Caiff Ffion gynnig gan Gaynor na all hi wrthod.

Daw teulu a ffrindiau’r Parris ynghyd i ailaddurno Rhif 10 wrth i Sara dderbyn newyddion da gan Kelly. Daw Jim i sylweddoli fod Sioned yn gwybod am ei ddementia.

Aiff Colin a Mark i chwilio am goed tân yn y goedwig, ond poena Colin fod rywbeth arall ar feddwl Mark. Ymddengys Angharad ar stepen drws Gaynor mewn stad ofnadwy.

Pobol y Cwm airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week on S4C.

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