Doctors returns to BBC One after the Christmas break and kicks off the 20th year of the hit series. Make an appointment with the Doctors on BBC One!

1, Jimmi is still behind bars, and a shell of his former self. Al attempts to raise his spirits by coming to visit.

2, Ruhma arrives to check up on a baby she finds herself having to mediate between mother and grandmothers.

3, New grandmothers Gracie (Lorna Sutara Gayle) and Jeevna (Mouna Albakry) disagree on what is best for a baby, and clash over cultural differences concerning new-borns.

4, Zara speculates that the cost of hiring a locum doctor to take over Jimmi’s patients could cause the practise finances to spiral out of control.

5, Ayesha decides to make use of her recent qualification as a nurse prescriber and begins writing prescriptions for patients.

Doctors airs on BBC One at 1.45pm today January 6th 2020.