1, Jimmi’s new cellmate, Leon, ribs Jimmi about his fall from grace and goads him about being ‘struck off’.

(Picture: BBC)

2, Zara continues to be ruthless with Ayesha, insisting on checking her prescriptions since she only recently qualified as a nurse prescriber.

3, Al floats up the idea of starting a social media campaign for Jimmi called ‘Free the Letherbridge One’.

4, Jimmi has a run in with a nasty inmate named Siggy but Leon (Jonas Khan) comes to his rescue.

5, Bear is doing his own investigative work concerning Jimmi. He meets with a former girlfriend who Jimmi treated and asks her if she feels as though Jimmi was ever harsh with her. She doesn’t do much to fuel Bear’s doubts yet he is insistent on going to visit Jimmi in prison.

(Picture: BBC)

Doctors airs on BBC One at 1.45pm today January 7th 2020.