1, Bear goes to visit Jimmi in prison. Despite Bear seeming suspicious of Jimmi recently, the visit in fact brings the two of them closer together.

2, Zara delegates her Ayesha monitoring duties to Al, but he decides he doesn’t have time for it and trusts Ayesha to get on with prescribing patients on her own.

(Picture: BBC)

3, Emma and Rob find the dead body of a homeless man named Frank, he’s been badly beaten up and urinated on.

4, Rough sleeper Nat Fallon (Nikita Potter) is woken up by the same grim act.

(Picture: BBC) Nikita Potter as Nat Fallon

5, Bear is given advice on how to deal with Zara’s ruthlessness.

(Picture: BBC) Paddy Duff as Jake Lancaster

Doctors airs on BBC One at 1.45pm today January 8th 2020.