1, Zara and Emma talk around the subject of Gareth’s court hearing.

2, Bear shows Valerie the Mill’s Anti-Discrimination Policy, and prints it for her. She thinks it’s a disgrace that Jewishness isn’t listed under ethnicity.

3, Janice’s son Paul says he can’t concentrate on revision because of the loud music being played by neighbour Stewart. She goes round to complain and realises that Stewart is deaf.

(Picture: BBC)

4, Valerie reveals to Ayesha that she is meeting a Rabbi next week.

5, Stewart is shouted at by Paul, and feels vulnerable. He sees Janice have another turn, but she tells him to leave her alone.

6, Rob arrives from court to fill them in. Gareth has pled not guilty. But Rob tells Zara not to worry, though she might have to give evidence.

(Picture: BBC)


  • Matthew Chambers as Daniel Granger
  • Elisabeth Dermot Walsh as Zara Carmichael
  • Dido Miles as Emma Reid
  • Dex Lee as Bear Sylvester
  • Sarah Moyle as Valerie Pitman
  • Chris Walker as Rob Hollins
  • Alexandra Afryea as Janice Wilkinson
  • Prince Gaius Osi as Paul Hardy
  • Michael Bertenshaw as Stewart Hodgkin

Doctors airs on BBC One at 1.45pm today January 14th 2020.