Ibiza Weekender is back

It’s the start of another season on the party island of Ibiza and with the holidaymakers making ready for a summer of fun Head Rep David is busy gathering his team of reps to give the guests the weekend of their lives. With a new team ethos in place of ‘back to basics, guests come first’ will David be able to keep his crew focused on the job in hand?

El Jefe, David, is back and along with his new pet, Fish Jenna, is joined by the experienced team of Jordan, Callum and Tash but before the first set of guests arrive two new reps are introduced to the team and put through their paces. Luckily Callum and Tash are more than happy to welcome wholesome Welsh Riva and London joker Jaden. Leaving loved up ex-Lothario Jordan happy to concentrate on the job, especially when David gives him some extra responsibility and a sash as the new Guest Satisfaction Manager.

With the arrival of the guests the weekend is primed to go off with a bang and its not long before the flirtation and fun starts. Much to David’s horror though the new reps are quickly led astray by Callum and Tash leaving Jordan and David to carry the night and ensure the guests have fun.

As a result Callum and Riva get punished for their lack of interest in the guests and David has them clean out Fish Jenna while staying in. Meanwhile Tash seems to be hitting it off with one of the boy guests on the night out but upsets things again when making an obvious beeline to new rep Jaden’s bed as soon as returning to the hotel.

Luckily Jordan lives up to his title as the new guest satisfaction manager and the guests leave having had a great weekend. But an outstanding weekend from Jordan does not make a balanced team and David is left eyeing up some extra support from his old staff…

Ibiza Weekender starts at 10.05pm on ITV2 from Sunday 19th January

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