Emmerdale spoilers: Graham is dead but did Al kill him?

As Graham lays dead in a ditch Emmerdale has kicked off #WhoKilledGraham week

Graham told Kim that he has ended things with Rhona and as he grew closer to his ex-wife, there was a shock in store thanks to Lydia who has pictures of the couple kissing on the doorstep.

The shocks for Kim kept on coming as the bank called over the authorization of some money and boy was she fuming.

Al wasn’t having the greatest day either and was being pursued by Sean for 2 months’ worth of money he owes.

(Picture: ITV)

For Al, it all came down to the money and Kim’s desperation to get rid of Graham for good and as she offered him £60,000 the pair were keen to make sure he wasn’t found, no matter how many enemies he has.

Rhona will simply think he has got bored off playing house and run off to start a new life.

A cold dark night fell over the village as Al left to murder Graham and a nervous Kim was sitting by the fire contemplating stopping it all.

(Picture: ITV) He’s dead but who killed him?

A now-dead Graham lay on the ground with Al standing over him. But did he actually do the deed?

Returning to a waiting Kim all he said was “It’s done, I want my money he’s dead”.

(Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale continues tomorrow where we see the same day play out from Jai’s perspective.

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