EastEnders spoilers: Leo gets the push, Kathy and Sharon go head to head and other spoilers

1, Leo hurls abuse at Kat leading her to explode and rip Leo’s stall to pieces. As Kat, Kush and Martin calm down in The Vic, Leo arrives and moments after is taken away by the police.

2, Leo returns and things quickly get out of hand as he grabs her. As Kush arrives, he accidentally shoves Leo off the balcony.

(Picture: BBC)

3, When Kathy checks on Bobby, tensions soon escalate between her and Sharon and Bobby is forced to intervene. Realising that Bobby is struggling, Kathy moves back in leaving Bobby elated.

4, Sharon takes Kathy’s keys and sneaks into the Mitchell’s, but when she’s caught red handed by Kathy she’s urged to learn from her own mistakes.

5, Mick and Tina are filled with panic when Linda is nowhere to be found – unaware that she’s taken Ollie out of school for a day out.

6, Ash and Suki (The Panesar siblings mother) begin to build bridges but Ash’s suspicions rise when Suki’s story doesn’t add up.

(Picture: BBC)

7, Dotty lands herself a job at The Arches after impressing Shirley.

8, Tiffany panics when Walford Council phone her looking for Ted.

(Picture: BBC)

9, Keegan has his contract at Gray’s office terminated.

10, After promising Mick she doesn‘t need to go to rehab, Linda agrees to ration her drinking but temptation proves too much for her.

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on BBC One

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