EastEnders spoilers: Linda’s troubles worsen, reality dawns on Daniel and 8 other spoilers

1, Determined to make Linda face her problems, Shirley gives her information about an addiction support session.

2, After Whitney admits that Leo has her log book, Kat’s mood soon lightens when Jack reveals the police have evidence that could help Kush.

3, Curious at Karen’s lack of concern when the police update her about Keanu, Karen makes a risky move – telling Bernadette Keanu’s alive and safe.

(Picture: BBC)

4, Vinny gets more than he bargained for when Iqra invites herself along and Suki’s true colours show once Iqra leaves.

5, As a peace offering, Sharon buys Dennis football tickets and despite playing it down he’s clearly touched.

6, Daniel enjoys winding Stuart and Rainie up about his funeral plans, but when his doctor reveals he has only weeks to live, the reality of his situation dawns on him.

7, Chantelle spots that Linda is drunk and takes charge of the situation. As Linda explodes, Chantelle leaves and Linda is mortified that Ollie has seen. But things get worse as Linda falls asleep, putting Ollie in terrible danger.

8, Arriving back from Scotland, Denise soon makes amends with Sheree after meeting Isaac.

(Picture: BBC)

9, Denise’s interest is piqued when Isaac reveals to her that Sheree’s partners never stick around after meeting him.

10, Sharon urges Linda to fight for her marriage, but when she arrives home she isn’t prepared for what she finds.

(Picture: BBC)

EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 3rd February on BBC One

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