Emmerdale spoilers: Amy’s concern, Charity’s discovery and 5 other spoilers

So Graham is dead but he is hardly cold on the ground before he is found and the news begins to spread around the village.

1, Priya and Billy search for Tip the dog and in doing so find a damaged, abandoned HOP vehicle as Billy suggests finding what they hit Priya is horrified as she finds Graham’s body.

(Picture: ITV) A nasty discovery for Billy and Priya

2, Rhona is left numb with shock when she learns that Graham may have been killed. Later, Vanessa warns Rhona about looking for clues and to stay safe. Is she covering for someone?

(Picture: ITV) Vanessa warns Rhona about searching for answers

3, The other half of Vanity isn’t fairing much better as Charity is floored when Noah blurts out that it was Sarah, not Graham, who was to blame for him ending up in hospital. Charity and Vanessa know they need answers and Sarah’s alarmed when Charity reveals she knows about the drugs.

(Picture: ITV) Charity finds out the truth

4, Victoria is left worrying about Wendy when she learns that she has been off work for weeks.

(Picture: ITV) Victoria worries

5, Jai is alarmed to hear he attacked Jimmy on the night of Graham’s murder. Did he stumble across regarding Jai murdering Graham maybe?

6, Amy’s concerned to see Victoria, Luke and Harry looking like a family.

(Picture: ITV) Happy families for Victoria?

7, Charity’s miserable as she processes everything that’s come to light about Sarah.

(Picture: ITV) Charity processes everything she has found out

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 27th January on ITV.

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