1, There’s building work being done outside The Campus. Sid is called into action when he hears the builder, Steve fall off his ladder.

2, Daniel has a lot of news for Zara. He tells her about his new job as a prison doctor and that he knows Jimmi is taking drugs inside.

(Picture: BBC)

3, Sid can’t seem to find anything wrong with Steve, but he comes back later to show Sid a strange symptom he’s been having since the fall – his fingers keep moving uncontrollably in strange patterns. Back at home, Steve also begins to hear things, noises in his head.

4, After learning about Jimmi’s new drug habit, Daniel tries to reach out to him. He tells Jimmi he can control his urges and asks him to imagine what he’d tell a patient in this situation.

(Picture: BBC)

5, Rather than taking the couple to the hospital, the three of them head to a local pub with a piano. To all of their amazement, Steve can now suddenly play the piano perfectly – what’s going on?

(Picture: BBC)

Guest Cast

  • Nicholas Aaron as Bowser
  • Tom Blumberg as Steve Anderson
  • Rosie Jones as Louise Anderson

Doctors airs at 1:45pm on BBC One.