1, After getting back from a mid-morning trip to the coffee shop, Bear realises that he’s picked up the wrong phone. He curses his luck to Valerie – his whole life is on that thing: contacts, bank details, even confidential information about the Mill!

2, Sasha (Lucy Polgar), who was also at the coffee shop that morning, has the same realisation. Instead of her battered old phone, she’s picked up Bear’s mint condition one.

3, Sasha’s boyfriend Hayden (Jack Hartley) eyes light up when he sees that the newly aquired phone contains contains a Business Manager’s bank details.

4, Back at the coffee shop, Sasha doesn’t let on that she has Bear’s phone, simply that she knows he has hers and she wants it back.

5, Next thing, the police phone Bear. They have accounts from several eye witnesses that he stole a woman’s phone and fled the scene.

Guest Cast

  • Lucy Polgar as Sasha Leeson
  • Jack Hartley as Hayden Cracknell
  • Christopher David Mulvin as PC Josh McCormack

Doctors airs at 1:45pm on BBC One.