Tonight’s (28th January) Holby City episode paid tribute to the victims of the Holocaust and and subsequent genocides.

The episode focused on Sacha Levy (Bob Barrett) dealing with his Great Aunt Maria (Susan Engel) who arrived at the hospital extremely unwell.

Tests later diagnosed Maria with Ischemic bowel which put Sacha into a state of denial. She survived Auschwitz!

Maria gave the benefit of her wisdom reminding Dominic that today was as much his day as it was hers. “The homosexuals, the Romanis, the mentally ill and the disabled, they were all victims”.

After a final heart to heart Maria passed away in poignant scenes.

The episode wrapped with Maria’s radio interview and a truly brilliant performance from Bob Barrett before closing over a tribute message a piano piece in place of the regular Holby City theme.

Holby City continues next Tuesday on BBC One.

By Eastieoaks

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