I don’t often write reviews on Casualty episodes but after the scenes that just played out I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

As a fan for as long as I can remember Duffy’s on and off appearances over the year have always been amazing and with the character such a Casualty legend the news that Cathy Shipton had decided to leave for good gave me mixed emotions.

I have always been a fan of Charlie and Duffy or ‘Chuffy’ as they were come to be known as not only their characters have such great on screen chemistry but Cathy Shipton and Derek Thompson play their long time roles so beautifully.

Tonight’s episode had been building for a while with Charlie and Duffy’s determination she should remain at home rather then in the care home they had tried out.

(Picture: BBC) Last week Duffy had opted to stay at home with Charlie

Duffy’s final episode revolved around Charlie waking up to find the front door open and his wife missing. Duffy believing she was meant to be at work had taken off in the snow wearing her old uniform.

(Picture: BBC) Duffy set off for work the same way she had done during snow in 1989

A worried Charlie found his wife hypothermic in the snow where an ambulance was called.

Duffy quickly deteriorated in the ED where Charlie was given the news that there was nothing more they could do.

(Picture: BBC) Charlie was given the news there was nothing they could do

With Duffy on the organ donor list Charlie knew this was what she wanted and it was time to say goodbye.

With the nurses and doctors lining the corridor as Duffy was wheeled through I was already crying but Charlie seeing his wife one last time really got me.

(Picture: BBC) You’ll be missed Duffy

With Duffy donating her organs it is a fitting end to the character to go out the same way she came in, saving lives.

Farewell Duffy you will be missed.

Casualty continues next week on BBC One

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