An anxious Charlie (Derek Thompson) fears the worst when he wakes up to an open front door and no sign of Duffy (Cathy Shipton). Despite hostile conditions he heads out searching, determined to find his defenceless wife.

Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) realises Lev (Uriel Emil) is in denial of Luka’s (Tom Mulheron) diagnosis and its severity, and is avoiding her attempts to discuss their next step.

Ruby (Maddy Hill) receives a call from Violette (Kelly Gough), claiming to be clean and asking to see her daughter – leaving Ruby to decide what is best for baby Harmony.


  • Charlie Fairhead – Derek Thompson
  • Duffy – Cathy Shipton
  • Robyn Miller – Amanda Henderson
  • Connie Beauchamp – Amanda Mealing
  • Dylan Keogh – William Beck
  • Noel Garcia – Tony Marshall
  • Jacob Masters – Charles Venn
  • David Hide – Jason Durr
  • Lev Malinovsky – Uriel Emil
  • Faith Cadogan – Kirsty Mitchell
  • Rashid Masum – Neet Mohan
  • Ruby Spark – Maddy Hill
  • Jade Lovall – Gabriella Leon
  • Jan Jenning – Di Botcher
  • Violette Spark – Kelly Gough
  • Erin Caterham – Kerry Fitzgerald
  • Michael Caterham – Finlay Robertson
  • Dr Sian Bowen – Marilyn Le Conte
  • Luka Malinovsky – Tom Mulheron
  • Billy Caterham – Brochan Evans
  • PC Menzies – Rebecca Knowles

Casualty airs Saturday 1st February at 9.15pm on BBC One

By Eastieoaks

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