Casualty spoilers: Series 34 Episode 21

Marty suffers a betrayal.

A guilt-ridden Charlie questions his decision to put Duffy in a care home.

Archie and Connie bond over their work.

An injured pilot who had been tasered for attempting to hijack a plane is been brought into the emergency department for treatment.


  • Lisa `Duffy’ Duffin – Cathy Shipton
  • Charlie Fairhead – Derek Thompson
  • Robyn Miller – Amanda Henderson
  • Archie Hudson – Genesis Lynea
  • Jade Lovall – Gabriella Leon
  • Connie Beauchamp – Amanda Mealing
  • Marty Kirkby – Shaheen Jafargholi
  • Will Noble – Jack Nolan
  • Ruby Spark – Maddy Hill
  • Lev Malinovsky – Uriel Emil
  • Liam Barnett – Patrick Baladi
  • Jack Ward – Jack Hardwick
  • Alyssa Driscoll – Lizzie Back
  • Nerys Driscoll – Rosie Taylor-Ritson
  • PC Striker – James Sheldon
  • Sal Chadha – Hiftu Quasem

This episode airs Saturday 25th January 2020 on BBC One at 9:20pm

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