Casualty spoilers: Series 34 Episode 13

Whilst out on a call, Lev (Uriel Emil) gets into a scuffle with a football hooligan and Ruby (Maddy Hill) is shocked to discover her new colleague has a shady past. Put off by what she finds out, will Ruby give Lev a second chance – and can he prove he’s changed?

Rosa (Jacey Salles) and David (Jason Durr) are practicing their fake relationship in preparation for Rosa’s mother Xiomara’s (Anna Savva) arrival, but David soon has a lot more to deal with when Xiomara drops a bombshell on him.

After dealing with a patient who brings back traumatic memories from the terrorist attack, Ethan (George Rainsford) decides he needs to get away and have a break.


Ruby Spark Maddy Hill
Lev Malinovsky Uriel Emil
Ethan Hardy George Rainsford
David Hide Jason Durr
Rosa Cadenas Jacey Salles
Will Noble Jack Nolan
Jade Lovall Gabriella Leon
Jan Jenning Di Botcher
Jacob Masters Charles Venn
Dylan Keogh William Beck
Archie Hudson Genesis Lynea
Xiomara Steadman Anna Savva
Ron Davies Jimmy Yuill
Johnny Davies Ciaran Owens
Freddy Davies Alex Eastwood
Abigail Layne Molly Jackson-Shaw

Casualty airs at 9.10pm on BBC One

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