Duffy (Cathy Shipton) looks after Robyn’s (Amanda Henderson) daughter for the day when Robyn takes on an extra shift in the ED (Emergency Department).

But when Duffy returns the hospital without Charlotte in tow, Robyn and Charlie (Derek Thompson) immediately panic. Can Duffy still be relied upon or are things getting worse?

Ethan (George Rainsford) and Effie (Abigail Hardingham) have a touching heart to heart, and consider moving their relationship forward. But Ethan realises it’s not always best to interfere with the lives of people you care deeply about.

Rash (Meet Mohan) and Mason (Victor Oshin) continue to wind each other up, but Mason’s tenacity with a patient pays off, and seeing Rash needs a helping hand, Mason shares the glory with him.


Robyn Miller Amanda Henderson
Charlie Fairhead Derek Thompson
Lisa `Duffy’ Duffin Cathy Shipton
Ethan Hardy George Rainsford
Rashid Masum Neet Mohan
Mason Reede Victor Oshin
Dylan Keogh William Beck
David Hide Jason Durr
Jade Lovall Gabriella Leon
Will Noble Jack Nolan
Ruby Spark Maddy Hill
Noel Garcia Tony Marshall
Lev Malinovsky Uriel Emil
Archie Hudson Genesis Lynea
Effie Laurence Abigail Hardingham
Miranda O’Brian Emma Beattie
Eddy Colins Daniel Kendrick
Aiden Durrell John MacKay

This episode airs Saturday 16th November 2019 on BBC One at 9.10

By Eastieoaks

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