Vera spoilers: Series 10 Episode Four

The Escape Turn

When wealthy betting shop magnate Alun Wilmott is shot and killed after returning home early amid a terrifying home invasion, it’s assumed that he is the unlucky victim of a burglary gone wrong. The culprits abscond with a huge amount of cash from Alun’s personal safe, leaving his wife and daughter (Louise and Jess Wilmott) traumatised in their wake. Vera (Brenda Blethyn) suspects and inside job and immediately targets the affluent neighbourhood’s shady head of private security, Ciaran Duggan, whose history of violent crime calls his reformed character into question.

As Vera’s team delve deeper into Alun’s life, she discovers a paranoid and possessive man whose family and business interests were being targeted on all sides. Wilmott’s passion project, a greyhound racing stadium where his empire first began, is a drain on company funds in the age of online gambling. Ruthless, cost-cutting business policies made enemies out of disgruntled gamblers and over-worked bookmakers alike. The sharks were circling, calling for Alun to be sacked as CEO. But as Vera soon discovers, the truth behind Alun’s tragic death may be far more insidious and meticulously planned than first appears.


  • Dci Vera Stanhope is played by Brenda Blethyn
  • Ds Aiden Healy is played by Kenny Doughty
  • Dc Kenny Lockhart is played by Jon Morrison
  • Dc Jacquelin Williams is played by Ibinabo Jack
  • Pathologist Dr. Malcolm Donahue is played by Paul Kaye
  • Dc Mark Edwards is played by Riley Jones
  • Louise Wilmott is played by Karen Bryson
  • Royce Hobson is played by Patrick Robinson
  • Orla Cossdale is played by Anna Wilson-Jones
  • Tony Hinshaw is played by Charlie De’Ath
  • Jess Wilmott is played by Ella-Grace Gregoire
  • Alun Wilmott is played by Steve Lorrigan
  • Adam Beecher is played by Daniel Laurie
  • Gayle Beecher is played by Katy Carmichael
  • Leon Wilson is played by Mark Hawkins
  • Iain Beecher is played by David Partridge
  • Jackie Nolan is played by Rod Arthur
  • Wilma Howland is played by Liza Sadovy
  • Gareth Wyatt is played by George Bukhari
  • Ciaran Duggan is played by Karl Collins
  • Ryan Derring is played by Thomas Dylan
  • Kathy Bennions is played by Caroline O’Neill
  • Ronnie Bennions is played by Jessica Baglow

Vera concludes on Sunday 2nd February 2020 at 8.00pm on ITV.

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