Emmerdale spoilers: April hides and Marlon lashes out

As Marlon languishes in prison for a crime he has not committed his confinement is the talk of many village residents.

It however was April who is taking this particularly hard and being lied to by the grown ups isn’t helping her feel any better.

You can thank Pollard who unwittingly revealed to April how Bob and Mandy had been lying to her about the rules of children visiting the prison.

(Picture: ITV) April didn’t like being lied to

An increasingly worried Mandy phoned the police about her disappearance and as the locals searched for her Mandy visited the prison to see Marlon.

Marlon, understandably, didn’t take the news of his daughter disappearing very well and lashed out at the prison guards.

(Picture: ITV) Marlon lashed out after learning of the news

Meanwhile, a very scared and alone April sought solace in an empty barn somewhere and settled in for a long cold night.

Will anyone find her before she comes to harm? Emmerdale continues at 7pm tomorrow.

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