Emmerdale spoilers: Danger for Vanessa as Pierce shows up

If things for fan favorite couple Vanity were not tough enough already following Charity’s revelation she and Ryan stole Graham’s money then things are about to get even more turbulent as villainous Pierce Harris shows up and it is Vanessa’s son Johnny in harm’s way.

Next week Vanessa is feeling trapped by the lies Charity created after stealing Graham’s money and Charity fears that Vanessa will leave her over it.

With the secret on her mind Vanessa wants to tell Rhona the truth and she is close to cracking, but Charity stops her from doing so.

(Picture: ITV)

Remaining determined Vanessa then opts to tell the police and once again Charity who at this point is full of dread manages to stop her.

Things go from bad to worse for the when during a search around the back of the Woolpack for one of Johnny’s toys she is blindsided when Pierce sneaks up on her, he has hold of Johnny and runs with him.. only to be pursued by the child’s mum.

(Picture: ITV)

This is not the first time Johnny has been kidnapped who like Charity’s son Moses seem to get taken on a regular basis. These must be a pair of the unluckiest soap kids.

Just what does Pierce have planned?

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 10th February on ITV.

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