Emmerdale: Pete bids adieu to the village and honestly I don’t blame him

Next week sees the departure of Pete Barton and having been in the show for over 6 years actor Anthony Quinlan honestly deserves better.

If you are only a casual viewer to the show it would be easy to assume he is no longer around given the lack of screen time he has. The last time I saw anything decent was when Cain had him tied to a chair.

(Picture: ITV) Pete’s exit isn’t even a main plot point for the week

Pierce’s return and Graham’s death

Don’t get me started on the fucking rapist Pierce who the hell thought this was a decent plot? like, love or hate Robron the actor Ryan Hawley gave 5 years to the role and he actually had a meaningful exit in paying for his crime of killing rapist Lee by going to prison. Fast forward barely 2 months later and we have swapped one rapist for another as Pierce has shown up.

There were/are more than enough suspects in the village to have wanted Graham Foster dead, hell as much as it wouldn’t be in Marlon’s nature having him snap and kill certainly would haven given the character an edge.

In the lead up to Graham’s demise some form of threat to him must have been on the script of nearly ever cast member.

The Vanity angst AGAIN followed by a kidnap plot AGAIN

If there is one fandom in the show that loves the drama of a couple it is hands down the Vanity fans except this plot seems to be a recycled version of something we have just gone through (Money theft > Charity’s lies > angst > child kidnap).

(Picture: ITV) Another week another kidnap for Johnny

The Killer who isn’t a killer

I think this must be the first (please correct me if I am wrong) time someone has openly pretended to be a killer having not actually done anything to the victim. The only way I could envision Al actually killing someone is if he bored them to death.

(Picture: ITV) If he got bumped off tomorrow it wouldn’t be the worst thing

Who the hell is Vinny?

This was a social media talking point during last year and except the audience finding out he isn’t actually Mandy’s son it seems to have been completely forgotten and with the character almost non existent I find myself asking what was the bloody point of him?

Anticlimactic plots

Recently 2 stories ran that saw a ‘Who’s the daddy’ storyline with Graham/Jamie and Andrea and David/Jacob and Maya and despite the promise of a good plot these were ruined by BOTH outcomes having no twists in them. The only way I can see any point of David having this child is if they suddenly decide to write Maya back in which would make for more drama had the child actually turned out to be Jacob’s.

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