As Ric treats the relative of a former patient it galvanises him to go above and beyond, but with AAU at capacity, and a nursing crisis in tow, it causes Ric and Max to butt heads.

Essie and Ben return from holiday, but seeing Sacha puts Essie’s head into a spin. As Ben makes a grand gesture, it’s time for Essie to choose between Ben and Sacha. Who will it be?

A refreshed Kian makes a dramatic return to Holby after recuperating in Canada, yet upon learning Jac has been taking a step back he is determined to push Jac out of her comfort zone.


  • Hugh Quarshie As Ric Griffin
  • Marcus Griffiths As Xavier “zav” Duval
  • Jaye Jacobs As Donna Jackson
  • Jo Martin As Max Mcgerry
  • Belinda Owusu As Nicky Mckendrick
  • Bob Barrett As Sacha Levy
  • Kaye Wragg As Essie Di Lucca
  • David Ames As Dominic Copeland
  • Ramin Karimloo As Kian Madani
  • Amy Lennox As Chloe Godard
  • Alex Walkinshaw As Adrian “fletch” Fletcher
  • Rosie Marcel As Jac Naylor
  • Nic Jackman As Cameron Dunn
  • Dawn Steele As Ange Godard
  • Charlie Condou As Ben Sherwood
  • Angela Bruce As Ursula Stork
  • Jensen Gray As Yolanda Christos
  • Faith Edwards As Rebecca Marsden
  • Francis Johnson As Dan Marsden


  • Written By Alex Straker
  • Produced By Amy Rodriguez
  • Directed By Waris Islam

This episode airs Tuesday 25th February 2020 at 8pm on BBC One.

By Eastieoaks

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