As campaigning for the 1970 general election gets underway in Oxford, racial tensions escalate in the city and a clash between two young rival gangs results in tragedy.

Initial investigations lead Endeavour and Thursday to the door of a familiar face, where they discover the influence of the British Movement, a right wing organisation hoping to win an Oxford seat.

Elsewhere in the city, tragedy strikes a second time, this time an Indian restaurant, where a customer’s mysterious disappearance and a shocking murder put even the strongest family loyalties to the test.


  • Win Thursday – Caroline O’neill
  • Johnny Simba – Buom Tihngang
  • Adrian Sloane – Graeme Stevely
  • Bridget Mulcahy – Flora London
  • Martin Gorman – Jason Merrells
  • Bobby Singh – Harki Bhambra
  • Stanley Nayle – Ted Robbins
  • Carl Sturgis – Sam Ferriday
  • Di Fred Thursday – Roger Allam
  • Cs Reginald Bright – Anton Lesser
  • Mrs Bright – Carol Royle
  • Rafiq Sardar – Pal Aron
  • Uqbah Sardar – Madhav Sharma
  • Farook Sardar – Sia Alipour
  • Gary Rogers – William Allam
  • Dr Max Debryn – James Bradshaw
  • Dorothea Frazil – Abigail Thaw
  • Isla Trent – Deva Wareing
  • Rosemary Prince – Emma Cunliffe
  • Mrs Radowicz – Rebecca Saire
  • Nuha Sardar – Hiftu Quasem
  • Ds Endeavour Morse – Shaun Evans
  • Ds Jim Strange – Sean Rigby
  • Violetta Talenti – Stephanie Leonidas
  • Oberon Prince – Neil Roberts
  • Ludo Talenti – Ryan Gage
  • Salim Sardar – Shane Zaza

Endeavour continues ITV on Sunday 16th February at 8.00pm

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