It’s the morning after the night before.

It’s the morning after the night before at Emma’s. Her ex-girlfriend, Lena is still staying at her house and the two of them agree to go for lunch together. At lunch, Emma and Lena talk about their relationship and their sexuality.

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Emma says that she may have left it too long to date another woman, but doesn’t rule it out. Lena kisses Emma then leaves. Emma’s sad, but she’s ok.

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Emma and Lena hash things out and Daniel gets an unwanted audience.

Zara and Daniel are still livid with Al about his online antics with Joe, however, they decide the best thing for all of them to move forward is for Joe to come in and talk to Al about what happened.

Valerie decides it’s a good idea to monitor what Joe is doing on his tablet and gets him to put it up on the big screen in reception. While his tablet is connected, Joe accidentally opens one of video diaries Daniel took while in therapy!

Ruhma and Sid oversee an extremely complicated pregnancy.

Ruhma visits mother and daughter Maria and Alma. Pregnant Maria has Broca’s Aphasia which affects her speech patterns – Alma acts as a kind of translator for her mother.

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On the way to the hospital, Alma reaches out to her father, Paul. He left after Maria had a stroke and realised he couldn’t face losing his wife again.

Guest Cast

  • Josephine Butler as Lena Baker
  • Molly Jenkins as Alma Madden
  • Amy Loughton as Maria Madden
  • Philip Correia as Paul Madden

Doctors airs weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One