Pandemonium hits the Mill…

(Picture: BBC)

It’s Valentine’s Day, but romance is misfiring at The Mill. Bear gets Ayesha a gift which isn’t too warmly received. It seems as though a relationship between them could be a non-starter.

(Picture: BBC)

An old flame, Lena, reaches out to Emma, sparking Dr Reid to hope she might not be alone this Valentine’s Day. She’s quickly let down when Lena makes her intentions clear… and asks if her and her girlfriend Jess can stay with Emma as a favour. Salt is rubbed into Emma’s wounds as she’s forced to watch the loved up pair go to bed together in her own house.

Valerie crosses paths with an online chess enthusiast named Gemma.

Guest Cast

  • Josephine Butler as Lena Baker
  • Georgina Wilmer as Gemma Phillips
  • Adam Horvath as Harry Whelby
  • Trever Kaneswaran as Josh Lowe

Doctors airs weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One