Doctors spoilers: Thursday 13th February 2020

The Mill celebrates Galantine’s Day: an all-female Valentine’s Day set up for women to appreciate their female friends. Bear becomes interested in Ayesha and Valerie’s relationship when he witnesses them exchanging gifts and telling one another they love each other.

Karen is paid a visit by her childhood friend, Maggie. As the two of them are catching up, things quickly take a turn when Maggie tells Karen about an affair she had with a twenty five year old. The news shocks Karen and she becomes increasingly concerned with Maggie when she insists on the two of them taking a bottle of vodka to the park like when they were kids.

(Picture: BBC)

At Zara’s house, preparations are being made to host a ‘foam-blaster’ party for Joe. Zara busies herself decorating the house and making food for the event with limited help from an increasingly drunk Emma.

With the party in full swing, crying children and overturned plant pots litter the foam blaster battleground. The chaos is enough to alert Zara’s nosey neighbour, who calls the police to Zara’s house. Before long, armed police raid the children’s party much to the shock of Zara, Daniel and a by this point bladdered Emma. Whereas most couples would consider this a disaster, Zara and Daniel decide that the appearance of police with real guns has actually made this the children’s party of the century!

(Picture: BBC)

Doctors airs weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One

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