Emmerdale spoilers: Here we go round to Mulberry Cottage

Pierce not content with being enough of a bastard having already killed Graham and kidnapped Vanessa and Johnny continues his village fuckery next week when he knocks Kim Tate unconscious.

As Pierce prepares to be ‘reunited’ (I use that term loosely cos we all know it won’t actually come to anything) with Rhona it is Vanessa who terrified both for Rhona and herself as she watches her kidnapper with hatred. Vanessa tries again to escape, but is thwarted.

When a video call from Vanessa reveals she is with Pierce, Rhona is left horror-struck when she learns what has happened.

Rhona is intent on saving Vanessa (Picture: ITV)

With Rhona agreeing to meet Pierce in the interest of saving Vanessa he is joyed but Rhona is full of fear. Arriving at Mulberry a desperate Rhona wants to know what Pierce has planned and attempts to buy herself some time by handing over her phone and suggesting they eat before setting off.

Rhona attempts to buy herself some more time (Picture: ITV)

As Pierce is distracted by a thud from upstairs he goes to check it out when Kim suddenly appears demanding to know what is going on. Before you can say run for your life Pierce’s kidnap count rises as he has knocked Kim out.

Another one bites the dust? (Picture: ITV)

With Vanessa having now ‘served her purpose’, Pierce intending to harm Johnny and Kim unconscious will everybody make it out alive?

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