Doctors spoilers: Wednesday 19th February 2020

At The Mill, frostiness between Al and Daniel continues. Daniel can’t bring himself to forgive Al for talking to Joe online and Al accuses Daniel of being sanctimonious when he laments all of the prisoners who’ll miss his care while he is suspended from his duties.

(Picture: BBC)

Retired, drunk officer Ted Dawes hangs around the station as the case goes on, under some illusion that he’s involved with solving it. Rob explains to Emma that they humour Ted after he was forced into early retirement by the unsolved case of Danny Baines an investigation he never got over.

(Picture: BBC)

Police continue to look for a hit and run driver who struck a thirteen year old boy named Wesley. Rob is on the case with PC Jasmine Dajani, a young female officer. When Emma arrives for her FME shift, her and Jasmine seem to instantly hit it off. They engage in some banter about pastries, and it quickly becomes obvious that they have chemistry.

(Picture: BBC)

Guest Cast

  • Barbara Wilshere as Miriam Shaw
  • Lara Sawalha as Jasmine Dajani
  • William Mannering as Oliver Price
  • Bill Fellows as Ted Dawes

Doctors airs weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One

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