It’s a dirty week in Carrigstown as Phoebe is caught between Will and Mairead, when she chooses to support Will ahead of his trial.

Lying to Mairead and Damien, Phoebe confronts Will after his solicitor explains the reasons for pleading guilty. Asking ‘are you guilty?’, Will tries to explain. 

As the week progresses Will accepts her support driving a wedge between her, Mairead and Damien. Asking Will to lie for her and keep her visits secret, she tells him she feels manipulated by Mairead and Damien. When Will sneaks into Mairead’s apartment looking to clear the air, Mairead pleads with him to tell Phoebe the truth, blow by blow, if he does indeed love and care for their daughter. ‘I punched him and I kicked him and I left him to die… all he did was love me and I treated him like a dog… I enjoyed it, torturing him… that’s who I am’.

Coming clean about his actions, Phoebe runs home to Mairead devastated by his truth. It’s tough love as a devastated Will then has to turn his back on Phoebe telling her to stay away from him.

But by the end of the week, on whose side Phoebe will end up is anybody’s guess.

Fair City continues on RTE One at 8:30pm on Sunday 23rd February.