Tonight on Fair City (10th March) will see Cristiano San Martin returns to Carrigstown with brother Jake by his side.

Anxious from the beginning about how things will go down should he cross paths with ex Will Casey, Cristiano reassures Jake that he’s in a good place, ‘I’m ok with meeting him’. But it’s when he’s left alone in his apartment that he once shared with Will, it’s clear that Cristiano is not over what happened, and how could he be, looking at the floor where he was left for dead.

A concerned Jake questions Mairead as to why Will has changed his plea to not guilty, and preparing her for when they meet he tells her, ‘my brother is a lot more fragile than he’s letting on’.

It’s when Cris meets Phoebe in the Hungry Pig that he sees just what he’s going to have to deal with, Phoebe taking Will’s side, acting as though Will is the victim, ‘You may have everyone fooled with your nice guy act… He’s innocent and we’re going to prove it’.

But Will lands a hurtful blow, saying ‘Us getting together in the first place was the real disaster. It was toxic from the start’.

Fair City airs at 8:00pm on RTE One.