It’s been a tough few months for the residents of Carrigstown as everyone has dealt with lockdown in their own way. Bonds have formed stronger for some while for others the stress is taking a toll.

As we return to Fair City we find Damien and Mairead who haven’t had it all bad and find themselves reminising on the happier moments of lockdown.

For Bronagh and Will it’s a happy time as they surprise Dolores with the bond they have forged during the pandemic.

Bob has been busy with his charity work during lockdown and as Melanie sings his praises a worrying phone call from his brother Jim leaves Bob speechless.

Meanwhile, for Doug and Erica the stress of co-habitation in lockdown is starting to get to them. Both parties are hiding how they feel and Doug admits to Dolores that living with Erica is no bed of roses.

In scenes that for some viewers will hit close to home, Bronagh shares painful memories of her Covid 19 patients.

Bronagh in Fair City (Picture: RTE)

Fair City returns to RTE One on Sunday 6th of September.