In tonight’s Fair City, Paul Brennan finds out that his sons Callum and Oisín have been gaslighting him for the last number of weeks, getting their revenge on him for disinheriting them. Viewers will have seen Paul ‘make incorrect orders for Vinos’, ‘forget about Ruth’ and ‘leave the grill on, almost setting the house on fire’. All down to his bold boy sons.

In an overheard conversation she doesn’t quite understand, daughter Ruth asks Paul what her brothers meant when they spoke about someone taking ‘happy pills’. Piecing things together, Paul realises that his sons have been systematically torturing him. When Paul confronts Callum about his lies, he threatens him with prison; for his son Oisín he ruins a big career move on him. With Callum terrified of the prospect of prison, he blames Oisín for letting things get this far.

Paul has many enemies, but who is pushed far enough to try and take his life? (Picture: RTE)

All night Paul is rubbing everyone up the wrong way, Pete, Mondo, Melanie, Jane, Callum and Oisín. Feeling confident that he has outsmarted his sons, Paul takes to the balcony of the community centre with his drink and cigar. Below, Carol and Ali shout up to him as they enjoy their girlie night out together away from the community centre festivities.

Carol tells him that he has made a lot of people very unhappy, advising him to watch his back.

Shouting out into the night sky Paul’s on top of the world, only for someone to come up behind him and shove him over the balcony, making an attempt on his life.

Will it all come crashing down for Paul? (Picture: RTE)

Catch all the drama on Fair City at 8pm on RTÉ ONE.