Coronation Street spoilers: Wednesday 26th February 2020

1st Episode

RAY TURNS THE SCREWS ON ABI Ray reiterates his offer of £90k for the garage but tells Kevin he needs a decision by the end of the day. Abi calls at the bistro and begs Ray to reconsider, pointing out that none of this is Kevin’s fault. Kevin confesses to Tyrone that he’s being blackmailed by Ray and if he doesn’t sell him the garage, he and Abi are off to prison.

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS FOR BETHANY As she struggles to work alongside Beth who is determined to give her a hard time Bethany is disappointed to get a letter of rejection from the college. She reveals that the admissions officer rang and offered her an internship at a magazine instead. Sarah’s thrilled whilst Bethany’s less enthusiastic, pointing out it’s in London and she’ll miss Daniel.

TRACY AND PETER FIND THEMSELVES RIVALS Tracy sets about measuring up at No.1, convinced that she and Steve are the only ones with the money whereas for Peter it’s just a pipe dream. Carla admits to Peter she’s not very keen on No.1 anyway. Peter calls at No.1 with the intention of telling Ken that he no longer wants the house, but when Tracy winds him up he changes his mind.

ELSEWHERE Alya confides in Yasmeen that working for Ray was the biggest mistake of her life and she’d like to return to Speed Daal. Yasmeen’s delighted and Geoff paints on a smile. Gemma attends a baby senses class with the quads. When Vanessa, the class leader, compliments her on her parenting skills, Gemma’s made up.

2nd Episode

KEVIN IS DEVASTATED Tyrone is furious with Kevin for putting their business in jeopardy to help Abi. Meanwhile Abi confides in Eileen over the indecent proposal, Eileen urges her to tell Kevin the truth.

BETHANY CHOOSES A DIFFERENT COURSE Sarah implores Bethany not to let her feelings for Daniel stand in the way of her career. Bethany breaks the news that she failed to get a place on the writing course but when Daniel admits that he’s pleased she’ll still be around, will she come clean?

ALYA GROWS MORE CONCERNED ABOUT YASMEEN Geoff admonishes Yasmeen and Alya for chatting when they should be working. When Yasmeen reveals how she put her back out moving the sofa at home because Geoff insists she must hoover underneath it, Alya’s deeply concerned. When Geoff shows Alya a nasty online review about Speed Daal and suggests it’s aimed at her, Alya bristles.

ELSEWHERE When Vanessa suggests Gemma should come to her baby yoga class and assures her that she and her friend Imogen will help with the quads, Gemma’s chuffed. Chesney’s thrilled that Gemma enjoyed the baby class and hopes she’s turned a corner.


  • Alan Halsall as Tyrone Dobbs
  • Alexandra Mardell as Emma Brooker
  • Alison King as Carla Connor
  • Ceri Bostock as Teacher
  • Chris Gascoyne as Peter Barlow
  • Colson Smith as Craig Tinker
  • Dolly-Rose Campbell as Gemma Winter
  • Ian Bartholomew as Geoff Metcalfe
  • Kate Ford as Tracy McDonald
  • Lisa George as Beth Sutherland
  • Lucy Fallon as Bethany Platt
  • Lucy Farrar as Imogen Tatum
  • Mark Frost as Ray Crosby
  • Melanie Hill as Cathy Matthews
  • Michael Le Vell as Kevin Webster
  • Rachel Elizabeth as Vanessa Finney
  • Richard Hawley as Johnny Connor
  • Rob Mallard as Daniel Osbourne
  • Ruxandra Porojnicu as Alina Pop
  • Sair Khan as Alya Nazir
  • Sally Carman as Abi Franklin
  • Sam Aston as Chesney Brown
  • Samuel Robertson as Adam Barlow
  • Shelley King as Yasmeen Nazir
  • Sue Cleaver as Eileen Grimshaw
  • Tina O’Brien as Sarah Platt
  • William Roache as Ken Barlow

Coronation Street airs this episode at 7:30 and 8:30pm on Wednesday 26th February 2020 on ITV.

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