Hollyoaks spoilers: Can Walter and Mitchell heal their rift?

Mitchell was recently forced to reveal his sexuality when Celeste had Toby plant a photo of Scott and Mitchell kissing each other. Deeply religious Walter having found the letter declared he wanted nothing more to do with his grandson and forced him out.

Next week with Martine, Mitchell and Scott arriving back from their holiday Walter is the first person they see and Mitchell wants to celebrate his upcoming birthday with his granddad so leaves a note hoping he’ll be there.

Later in the week Celeste is worried by Toby’s plan to go to Mitchell’s party, where he will reveal his true identity. Mitchell however doesn’t want a fuss but Scott has gone over the top in decorating The Dog and promises to tone them down. The only thing Mitchell wants is to spend his birthday with his granddad having never spent a birthday apart from him.

As Scott tries to help and persuade Walter to visit Mitchell’s party Celeste is furious that Toby is missing from the flat and is becoming resentful as all of Mitchell’s family and friends celebrate his big day.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

The birthday brings shocks Mitchell has to come to terms with the events but just what has transpired? and who causes a scene Toby or Walter?

As the week draws to a close Mitchell wants details on his dad and Martine tells him what she knows but not without a warning of just how dangerous he is.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Hollyoaks air these scenes from Monday 9th March on Channel 4

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