Happy Spring time folks and that means a brand new Holby City trailer teasing lots of drama in the coming weeks and months.

Jac and Kian.

If fans have been holding onto any hope of ‘Flac’ then that looks to be over and done as Jac finally gives into passion and gets involved with Kian.

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Life takes a cruel turn for Essie.

Having lost Ben and found out he kissed Dominic life hasn’t been good for Essie but things take a turn for the worse when Essie is diagnosed with cancer.

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What’s up Doc?

From Doctor Who to Holby. Jo Martin aka Max McGerry isn’t the only Doctor Who star on the wards at the moment when Captain Jack actor John Barrowman plays a visiting consultant named Drew. Always on the lookout for talented surgeons to poach, it’s not long before certain members of the team are doing all they can to impress high flyer Drew.

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Is Guy the same old self?

John Michie will be returning as Guy Self, who is set to shake things up upon his arrival back at the hospital. With a few secrets up his sleeve, he soon gets under the skin of some of his colleagues…namely Ric (Hugh Quarshie).

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In addition to new & returning faces, the lives of two of Holby’s most loved characters are set to be thrown into turmoil as Essie’s (Kaye Wragg) cancer returns and Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) also receives a cancer diagnosis. With an incredibly tough couple of months ahead for the pair as they each deal with life threatening diagnoses, a lot of strain is also put on their nearest and dearest as they do what they can to support them.

Kaye Wragg says: “Showing the real struggle of two nurses sharing an illness together yet being alone in their own torture of what their futures hold is Holby at its best. Being immersed in the world of this disease is something I’ve had many experiences with as myself, so there’s no shortage of empathy and understanding for my character and for Fletch’s. It’s a tough watch, but it will resonate for many sufferers and their loved ones going through traumatic illnesses. Throughout their journeys, Essie and Fletch discover their worst fears, their lost opportunities and what futures they need to make plans for.”

Holby City continues Tuesday on BBC One at 8pm

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