In the ED Jacob is troubled by Charlie’s lack of engagement at work.

When Charlie fails to help Jade treat a head wound and jeopardises the patients well-being, Jacob, is forced to act. Reluctantly he refers to Fletch behind Charlie’s back.

With Archie having left the ED, Rash is nervously standing in for her at an in-hospital conference for junior doctors.

Will Meets His Match With New Paramedic Fenisha Lev has been put on shift with newbie, Fenisha. It’s her first day and she’s keen to get into action. Their first call is a very pedestrian visit to a lonely ‘frequent flyer’, Dennis, who’s suffering with a stomach bug.

Daisy Wells is suffering with kidney problems and her husband George, a retired GP, is very clear on what course her treatment should take.

Will learns that Peter is on meds for his psychological problems after a motorbike accident which resulted in a traumatic head injury and drug addiction.

This episode may or may not air on Saturday 14th March at 9:15pm on BBC One due to cancellations of the Six Nations.


  • Charlie Fairhead – Derek Thompson
  • Connie Beauchamp – Amanda Mealing
  • Daisy Welles – Sarah Belcher
  • David Hide – Jason Durr
  • Dr Linda Kelly – Rhian Blythe
  • Dylan Keogh – William Beck
  • Ethan Hardy – George Rainsford
  • Faith Cadogan – Kirsty Mitchell
  • Fenisha Khatri – Olivia D’lima
  • Frazer Forbes – Damian Quinn
  • George Welles – Steven Pacey
  • Jacob Masters – Charles Venn
  • Jade Lovall – Gabriella Leon
  • Lev Malinovsky – Uriel Emil
  • Marty Kirkby – Shaheen Jafargholi
  • Peter Hawker – Ciaran Griffiths
  • Rashid Masum – Neet Mohan
  • Robyn Miller – Amanda Henderson
  • Sonya Hawker – Faye Castelow
  • Will Noble – Jack Nolan

Casualty airs Saturday 14th March at 9:15 on BBC One.

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