A heartbroken Lev struggles with Luka’s chemotherapy.

A grieving Charlie finally snaps.

Ruby is forced to question her decision to give Harmony to her parents, but supportive words from Jan make her realise she has made the right choice.

Charlie has finally had enough and makes his feelings known about Jade and Jacob.


  • Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher played by Alex Walkinshaw
  • Cameron Firby played by Max Ferguson
  • Charlie Fairhead played by Derek Thompson
  • Chloe Sarsgaard played by Ella Glendining
  • Cynthia Harborn played by Marty Cruickshank
  • David Hide played by Jason Durr
  • Dylan Keogh played by William Beck
  • Ethan Hardy played by George Rainsford
  • Faith Cadogan played by Kirsty Mitchell
  • Fenisha Khatri played by Olivia D’lima
  • Howie Curruthers played by Stephen Thompson
  • Jacob Masters played by Charles Venn
  • Jade Lovall played by Gabriella Leon
  • Jan Jenning played by Di Botcher
  • Karen Harborn played by Penny Layden
  • Lev Malinovsky played by Uriel Emil
  • Luka Malinovsky played by Tom Mulheron
  • Marty Kirkby played by Shaheen Jafargholi
  • Nicola Curruthers played by Catherine Ayers
  • Noel Garcia played by Tony Marshall
  • Robyn Miller played by Amanda Henderson
  • Ruby Spark played by Maddy Hill
  • Will Noble played by Jack Nolan

This episode airs on Saturday 28th March at 8:00pm on BBC One.

By Eastieoaks

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One thought on “Casualty spoilers: Series 34 Episode 29”
  1. Episode 29 series 34 . 28/03/20.
    So, dementia patient infiorms, and hands her DNACPR to Charlie Fairhead. He neglects to file this or to inform colleagues. Later, nurse finds patient unresponsive and she is resuscitated. Charlie appears and halts resuscitation informing colleagues she has DNACPR in place, as patient is ‘ brought back’.
    Nurse who found patient, feels the guilt, wrongly, blaming herself that patient with DNACPR was resuscitated. Charlie walks out after being spoken to, but not before he says a few home truths and speaks of exactly what he thinks if NHS. Please discuss implications of not filing and making known patients DNACPR and other issues .
    Thank you.

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