Coronation Street spoilers: Monday 16th March – Friday 20th March 2020

MONDAY 16TH MARCH 1st Episode

ALYA TRIES TO MAKE YASMEEN SEE SENSE Whilst Geoff fills Yasmeen’s had with tales of what their life would be like abroad, Yasmeen makes it clear she doesn’t want to leave Alya but he insists she can come and stay. A valuer calls at Speed Daal and reveals that Geoff has hired him as he and Yasmeen are selling their share of the business. Alya’s deeply shocked. Alya calls at No.6 and demands to know what’s going on. When Yasmeen reveals that they’re moving to Cyprus, Alya’s horrified and tells Yasmeen that it’s clear Geoff is abusing her and trying to separate her from the people who care about her. Determined to rescue her Gran from the clutches of Geoff, Alya grabs some of Yasmeen’s clothes and starts stuffing them into a bag.

CLAUDIA SETS UP KEN FOR A FALL Ken’s interested to see that there’s a Literary Society talk planned for that evening. However when Felicity explains that Roger has had to pull out and the talk might be cancelled, Claudia is quick to suggest Ken could step into the breach. Ken takes the stage and reads aloud one of his short stories whilst Claudia looks on proudly. When Felicity asks for questions from the floor, the first hand up is Norris Cole!

BERNIE COMES TO THE RESCUE After a sleepless night, a frazzled Gemma opens the door to Bernie who bustles her way in. Bernie casts her eye over the mess at No.5 and realises Gemma isn’t coping.

Gemma insists she’s fine but it’s clear to Bernie that’s far from true.

ELSEWHERE When Tyrone reveals to Fiz that Cerberus isn’t well and Evelyn plans to take him to the vets. When Emma reveals that her Mum has offered to pay for them to visit her in Australia, Seb’s not keen and Emma’s left disappointed. Michael enjoys spending some time with Grace and Tianna but when he proposes that they meet for a drink and sort out a more formal arrangement, Grace flies off the handle.

MONDAY 16TH MARCH 2nd Episode

EVELYN FINDS A REASON TO GO WALKIES Evelyn and Tyrone take Cerberus to the vets. As Evelyn pays the bill, she’s taken aback when her old flame Arthur enters the surgery with his cockapoo. Tyrone watches in amusement at their interaction. When Tyrone tells Fiz about Evelyn’s old boyfriend and how she’s clearly still got the hots for him, Fiz is amused.

ALYA TAKES DRASTIC ACTION Fixing Yasmeen with a cold stare, Geoff demands to know where she’s planning to go. Calling him a control freak, Alya asserts that anywhere away from him would be

good. Alya begs Yasmeen to leave Geoff and come home with her, will she agree? With Toyah by her side, Alya reports Geoff to the police, convinced he must have a history of abuse.

NORRIS TRIES TO RECRUIT KEN’S HELP Having sabotaged Ken’s talk and suggesting they head to the bar, Norris reveals that he and Freda moved into Stillwaters several weeks ago. Making sure Freda can’t read his lips, Norris admits to Ken that he can’t stand Stillwaters and needs his help to escape. Ken’s shocked.

ELSEWHERE Having tidied the house, Bernie suggests to Gemma they go out for tea and leave Paul and Billy to babysit. Secretly anxious at the idea of being parted from her babies, Gemma insists she’d rather stay in. Seb has a change of heart and tells Emma he’d love to go to Australia. Emma’s thrilled.


ALYA GETS THE DIRT ON GEOFF Geoff’s cheery as he enthuses about Cyprus, asserting that without Alya in their lives causing trouble, the future looks rosy. Yasmeen nods sadly. Meanwhile through an online search Alya discovers that Geoff and a past girlfriend were charged with causing an affray. Watching Geoff leave, Alya heads to No.6, forcing Yasmeen to read the news about Geoff’s past and imploring her not to move away with him. Hearing Geoff returning, Yasmeen urges Alya to go.

GEMMA FEELS LEFT OUT Bernie’s concerned as Gemma watches over her babies, a ball of anxiety. At Baby Senses class Gemma introduces Bernie to her friends Imogen and Vanessa who can’t stand on sight. When Gemma suggests meeting up later, Vanessa and Imogen make out they would have loved to but are due at an old friend’s house. However in the ginnel, Bernie and Gemma hear sounds of a party coming from Imogen’s house on Mawdesley Street. Gemma’s upset to realise they lied to her.

EMMA GIVES SEB SOME SPACE When Emma confides in Maria that she’s more into Seb than he is into her, Maria advises her to play it cool. With Maria’s words in mind, Emma tells Seb he’ll have to make himself scarce later as she’s having the girls round. But has her plan backfired when Seb heads to the Rovers and unwittingly finds himself sitting next to Alina?

ELSEWHERE Norris confides in Ken that since moving in, Freda has completely changed and he needs his help to convince her that Stillwaters isn’t for them. Evelyn loiters in Victoria Garden with Cerberus. She’s secretly delighted when Arthur arrives with Kendal and flirts with her.


GEOFF BAGS HIMSELF A NEW BIRD When Yasmeen nervously asks Geoff about the fight he had with someone called Jocelyn Barrie, admitting Alya showed her the article, a raging Geoff sweeps Yasmeen’s plate of curry off the table sending it crashing to the floor. Telling a terrified Yasmeen not to wait up, Geoff slams out of the house. Whilst Yasmeen scrubs curry off the carpet in tears, Geoff heads to a restaurant in town.

BERNIE TOUCHES A NERVE WITH GEMMA Bernie forces her way into Imogen’s back garden and tears a strip off her for lying to Gemma. As Gemma stands guard over the babies’ cots, Bernie begs her to open up and accept that she could do with some help. But Gemma maintains she’s fine.

SEB FIGHTS HIS FEELINGS FOR ALINA As Emma enjoys her girls night in the flat, Seb and Alina enjoy a drink together. Back home Seb tells Emma how much he missed her.

ELSEWHERE Evelyn and Arthur reminisce about old times and how if it weren’t for certain circumstances, they’d probably have married. He tells Evelyn he’ll be in the Rovers tomorrow at 6pm. Norris confides in Ken how Charles is ripping off the Stillwaters residents but Freda refuses to see it.


THE SCALES FALL FROM GEMMA’S EYES At baby yoga Vanessa apologises to Gemma for the ‘misunderstanding’ over the party and invites her to join she and Imogen for lunch. Gemma’s pleased but as they ply her with prosecco then she hears them bitching about her an upset Gemma grabs the buggy and heads out. In her emotional state, Gemma fails to spot an oncoming car which screeches to a halt, narrowly missing the buggy. A police officer realises Gemma’s been drinking. Breaking down Gemma admits to Bernie that she endangered the babies’ lives, she hasn’t slept for weeks, she worries about them none stop and she’s a hopeless mum. Bernie implores Gemma to speak to Chesney and tell him how low she’s feeling but Gemma won’t hear of it and insists she wants to be left alone. As her babies cry, Gemma is suddenly overwhelmed and heads out to the backyard where she sobs her heart out.

YASMEEN TURNS HER BACK ON ALYA After a sleepless night, Yasmeen still can’t get hold of Geoff. Alya reveals that she’s reported Geoff to the police, Yasmeen’s furious and tells Alya not to make her choose between them. Finally back home Geoff makes himself out to be the victim, telling Yasmeen he does everything for her and she throws it back in his face. Yasmeen suggests they delay their move to Cyprus but Geoff is seething. In Speed Daal, Geoff tells Alya they’ll still be moving to Cyprus, albeit not immediately.

EMMA LEARNS TO FIGHT DIRTY Emma’s worried when she overhears Mary warning Alina to tread carefully where Seb’s concerned. Emma tells Alina that if she and Seb still have feelings for each other, she’d rather know then she can walk away. Alina assures Emma that she has no interest in Seb and would never do anything to hurt her. When Seb later offers to buy Alina a drink she refuses. Seb’s put out and Emma clocks his disappointment.

EVELYN HAS A DATE Evelyn reserves a booth in the Rovers for her date with Arthur and Claudia offers to do her hair and makeup. But when Evelyn looks in the mirror she’s horrified to realise she looks just like Claudia! Having scraped off much of the makeup, Evelyn waits for Arthur in the pub.

ELSEWHERE Gail persuades Nick to give her a few hours work at the factory. David’s upset when he reveals that not only is Shona still refusing to see him but she’s been in contact with Clayton!

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