Hollyoaks spoilers: Graceful Exit?

It’s a week of lies, secrets and the end of the road for one village resident. But does that mean death or prison?

Kicking off the week Grace is keen for Sylver to get divorced from Mercedes but with the couple having unfinished business that is easier said then done.

Warren is gunning for Liam and goes after him and Liam is busy organizing the Devil’s Dinner Party with a very exclusive guest list of those who have wronged him.

The Last Supper but for who? (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Liam is determined Maxine should pay for Jesse’s death and even Grace and Mercedes are unable to get through to him. Mercedes has other things on her mind when the divorce papers arrive and with advice from James on her mind she considers keeping them to herself to stay married but Grace’s desire for a wedding has gone into overdrive with the planning.

Even John Paul doesn’t escape the escalating drama as Liam kidnaps and throws him into a van.

Things go out of control and with Liam at his most manic his dinner party is ‘a meal that none of them will ever forget’…

Come Die With Me (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Liam takes great pride in revealing to Mercedes exactly who shot her and has Grace and James try to explain their actions Liam ups the ante. Everyone can live if Mercedes kills Grace.

As armed police surround The Dog one or more locals may not make it out alive.

Hollyoaks airs these scenes from Monday 23rd March 2020.

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